Simultaneous workflow causing trouble on your WordPress site?

We have a solution that will make your team love WordPress.

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Staging environments and risk-free database merging. Team-friendly development workflow and one-click auto scale. Secure and reliable. This is all GeekBee – our WordPress version control system

Staging & Merging

Geekbee offers you a solution to create testing environments, and apply the changes with one click without risking the live page. Including the most painless way to merge two WordPress databases on a quick, secure and flexible way.


We give you a transparent development workflow for your WordPress site, considering all members of your team, providing them the right tools at the right place. (For example: git, environment variables, consoles, logs, file transfers, ssh)

Scale & Reliability

If you have traffic spikes, our AWS cloud-based auto-scaling system is the right tool for you. This allows you to dynamically scale your capacity up and down according to your needs. In addition we guarantee high availabilitby: 99,999%

Site Migration

Even simple websites are often driven by fragile complex technologies that make migration to a sensitive issue. With our website migrator moving a website has never been easier. Also we provide a free trial period to get to know and test our system.

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